Why use Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server (Or MSSQL is it’s often called) is one of the SQL Server is always seen in the top 5 of the database engine rankings. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the core streams for Microsoft and they continue to invest heavily in its support and development.

Isn’t it expensive?

Actually, SQL Server express is totally free and makes a reasonable starting point for a large number of people wanting to use a robust database backend. Obviously, the more servers/power/etc. the more you move away from being free and toward server and core licensing. But with the rise of other database platforms, Microsoft has very much “sharpened the pencil” on even their top end pricing in recent years.

What about the other databases?

Historically Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server have dominated the list, but with the proliferation of the web, a major rise in popularity of other servers such as MySql and PostgreSQL has become evident. We can also develop these server platforms if required, but the heritage of Microsoft SQL Server makes it an easy choice for IT Department approval and so is often favoured as a server.